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In a world full of criticism and judgement, Dream Tanning will always be a place where you feel welcome no matter your size, shape, or color.

When you step into Dream Tanning, you are not allowed to apologize for having body fat, skin folds, cellulite, wrinkles, stretch marks, unpainted nails, saggy boobs, scarring, body hair, or anything that makes you, YOU. Your body was uniquely created, and you should never ever apologize for it.

Meet The Owner!


Allie Hardie, 5x Master Certified, professional spray tan artist

“Lover of all things beauty + skin. I pursued my dreams of being in the beauty industry and after lengthy training I earned my Cosmetologist license.

While working in a hair salon, I quickly realized my love for spray tanning. I worked hard at building a clientele and decided it was time to go off on my own and expand my education strictly on spray tanning. After extensive research and multiple clinical trials of leading airbrush products, I established Dream Tanning.”

Allies biggest goal is to not only give her clients a flawless tan but also educate them on the dangers of tanning beds and how damaging tanning beds can be on the skin. Tanning beds are the biggest cause of skin cancer.

“In the US alone, 419,254 cases of skin cancer are be attributed to indoor UV light tanning.” www.skincancer.org/news/tanning/international.com



2016: Massachusetts State Board Cosmetologist License.

2017: Norvell University Core Sunless Certification.

2018: Norvell University Masters of Sunless Certification.

2018: Perfect Glow Academy Masters Spray Tan Certification.

2019: Perfect Glow Academy Contour Training Certification.

2019: Eyes On Cancer Awareness Certification.

2020: Barbicide COVID-19 Certification.

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